Make Your Website a Tool for Growth and Success

An outdated or DIY website will cost you more money. When you have a website that is consistent with your brand it builds trust with your target audience and leads to more sales.

Step One : Introduction and Design

Step Two : launch your website

Step Three : grow to new heights

What is an outdated website costing you?

Customers don't stay on your website

Potential customers don't buy your product/service

Your audience doesn't recognize you as an expert

You struggle to stand out in a crowded market

Your brand gains negative recognition

Your brand loses trust

You should feel proud to send people to your website to find more information about your services. However, many business owners have websites that are inconsistent with their visual identity causing their customers to disengage with their brand.

The Science Is In

A great website matters

There have been dozens of studies in just the past ten years that emphasize the value of a well-designed website. Here are just three examples that should be enough to make you care about yours.

You have 50 milliseconds to impress

It takes 0.05 seconds for users to form an opinion about your website that determines whether they like your site enough to stay or whether they’ll leave.

Mobile matters (Probably more than you'd think)

57% of users say they wouldn’t recommend a business with a poorly designed website on mobile. Statistically, more than half of your site visits will be on mobile.

High quality visuals make a difference

38% of people will stop engaging with a website if the content or layout is unattractive. This means having a website consistent with your brand matters.

Our Past Work

Build the right website for your business

We're proud of the work we've done. Check out some of our previous websites below. Everything we build is designed and developed custom for our clients.

Unique and visually appealing

Everything we build is custom designed following the best in modern contemporary design and SEO practices.

Responsive and mobile-friendly

We build websites to respond to every common size and to be aesthetically pleasing in every layout for any device.

Security and functionality

We build our websites on the world's leading CMS platform - WordPress - for it's ease of use and cutting edge security.

Before / After

Slide your mouse back and forth to see the website before and then after we partnered with Pirates Cove Self Storage.

Old Pirates Cove Website Design Pawn Design Group's Redesign of Pirates Cove's Website

Pawn Design Group is proud to have worked with a number of reputable brands

Valhalla Ag Logo
Serida Lighting Logo
Ravens Distillery Logo
Ravens Rations Logo
Riverside Church Logo
Dakiki White Logo
Oldhand Coffee Logo
Jen-Eric Logo
Inchol Logo
Online Curbing Logo
PNW Logo
Houle Electric Logo
Greenplanet Logo
Fraser Valley Prosthetics Logo
Philips Lighting Logo
CMP Logo



Landing Page

Need something put together quickly that helps establish who you are and what you do? A one-page website can be an affordable option to build a high-quality brand touch point that helps to establish your credibility when launching a new brand.

You can also employ us using this web package to build a new landing page into your existing WordPress website which is ideal for launching a new course, product, event, service, or marketing campaign.

This page will have all the basics you require, a UVP (Unique Value Proposition), professional images, copywriting, and a contact form.



Custom Website

This package includes all of the functionality of a basic website. Five or six main pages, a blog that you or your employees can update with free training, service pages, a contact form, custom photography, food menus (if for a restaurant), team pages, and more.

This is ideal for any small to medium-sized business that isn't selling online, but using their website as a sales tool and to increase their online presence.

This would include organizations like coffee shops barbers, photographers, lawyers, accountants, therapists, construction companies, influencers, and most B2B service businesses.

These websites also include initial on-site SEO for all pages built.


Ecommerce +

This package is for all websites that need custom functionality beyond a typical website.

This may include things like an age gate, purchasing ability, subscriptions, login-only content, account creation, product pages, product archives, digital catalogs, calculations, custom post types, special offers, additional resource pages etc.

For example, this might be a company selling consumer goods that needs to post products. A construction company that wants to display past and current projects. A local gym that needs to accept subscription payments. If you aren't sure where you fit, reach out and ask.

Book An Introduction

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions beyond the ones listed here, that's what the call is for! No commitment or high-pressure sales tactics. We want to offer value to those who reach out. We are also happy to recommend other companies if we feel that we are not a good fit for your project.

Other Services

Proposal - Serida 1


A well-crafted brand identity sets the tone for your business and creates a consistent and cohesive message across all your marketing materials. This, in turn, helps build trust with your target audience and leads to increased sales.

Ravens Rations Hab


Great packaging is about finding a balance between visual consistency and differentiation. Your products must be recognizable and associated with your brand while being different enough from other products in your line.

Ravens Vodka Glass


Photography often sets the tone for quality in marketing and advertising. Great photos can make a website, while terrible ones can break it. Establish yourself as a company that values quality and attention to detail with great photography.

Proposal - Misc4


Work with us one-on-one on an ongoing basis with our graphic design and photography retainers. Buy blocks of hours to have us partner with you on new campaigns, landing pages, product packaging, collateral brand material, and more.